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We started SWEAT Denver about a year ago. SWEAT is a locally owned and family-operated hot yoga, cycling and sculpt studio in the heart of Denver, Colorado, on Capitol Hill.

Fit in Denver

We created Sweat Denver because we both love fitness and particularly yoga and cycling. Nathalie is a long time yoga student and Shane has always enjoyed cycling, riding the West Coast from Canada to Mexico, and mountain biking in Colorado, California and of course Moab.
We love these activities and they have brought so much to our personal lives that we thought: what better way to spend our time and savings than to provide those same benefits to others?
That’s how Sweat Denver was born, with the mission to help people find fun in fitness, through quality classes and a diverse, high-energy environment.
We realize that we took on quite the challenge. Colorado is such a fitness-oriented state and the Denver-Boulder axis is quite the yoga mecca. The competition is fierce. But we like to believe that we offer a slightly different take on the experience that hopefully will encourage you to come check us out:

A Yoga Class at Sweat

On the yoga side, we value and respect the mind-body connection, but we also understand that the spiritual aspects may turn some people off. We feel that they are missing out on the benefits of a regular yoga practice. Therefore you will find that our space provides a comparatively neutral environment with a little less ohm and a little more oumpf to our yoga classes. Everyone is welcome and at Sweat Denver we will meet you where you are at in your yoga journey!

A Cycling Class at Sweat

On the cycling side, we really wanted our classes to be in direct opposition to the sometimes ho-hum experience you might get from a typical rec center cycling class. We designed it around the club experience, making it a fit alternative to going out perhaps. Our neon lights, powerful music system and high-energy teachers will get you out of your seat. Our innovative routines will not only work your legs but also your core, arms, chest, and you’ll be surprised of how much of a full-body workout you actually get.

And then there’s sculpt, our cherry on top: a fun, challenging take on a heated flow, that will get your heart pumping and your body in shape in no time!

Come sweat Denver!

Hopefully this will resonate with you Denver. Please come check out our beautiful space, awesome teachers and fun classes. Book a class today!

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