First Timers’ Guide to Hot Yoga

Interested in trying Hot Yoga for the first time?

Here is what you can expect.

  • Our Hot Yoga is simply yoga… in a heated room (up to 110 F)
  • The heat adds intensity to the workout, generating more sweat, and helps muscles warmup and stretch
  • Most people feel the hot room is a more comfortable environment for practicing yoga
  • Wear clothing that will allow you to move freely as it becomes wet. Some men wear shirts, some don’t. If you wear a shirt in the class, bring another dry one to change into when done.
  • No shoes in the yoga room
  • We have showers to rinse off
  • Bring:A yoga mat (we have a selection for sale)
    • A full bottle of water, cold is nice
    • 2 towels: one for your face during class, and one for the top of your mat to absorb sweat (mat towels available for sale)